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Release/Withdrawal of Claim


Overview of Release/Withdrawal of Claim

A "Release of Claim" is a document that is filed/served to remove or withdraw a construction lien, stop notice or bond claim. Generally, when a claim is removed, it cannot be filed again due to time restraints. Therefore, a contractor should make sure that all payments clear the bank before issuing a release. Below is an overview of the three types of releases that we prepare.

  • Full Release and Satisfaction of Claim
    This is used if the claimant has been paid and needs to release the claim.
  • Partial Release and Satisfaction of Claim
    This is used if the claimant has been partially paid and would like to reduce the value of claim.
  • Withdrawal of Claim
    This is used if a claimant is voluntarily withdrawing or discharging the claim.

My Legal Depot makes it easy to prepare and file a Release of Claim. Our experienced staff will prepare and file/serve your release form with the appropriate entity. Afterwards, we will serve a copy of the release to the interested parties.

Preparing a Release of Claim can be time consuming and expensive. My Legal Depot's staff has experience in preparing and filing thousands of legal documents. Let us prepare and file your legal documents promptly and accurately at affordable rates.

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