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Deeds - Real Estate Title Transfers


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1. Definition of a Deed
2. Common Transfer Types
3. Choosing a Vesting
4. Common Deed Types
5. What is Probate?
Common Transfer Types
A deed can be used for several types of transfers. My Legal Depot specializes in deeds for various property types, including, but not limited to, residential properties, commercial properties, vacant lots, and timeshares. Below is a list of the most common transfers that we specialize in.
  • Adding or Removing a name on the title.
  • Adding a Joint Tenant to the property to avoid Probate.
  • Transferring the property to any individual. The deed transfer can be the sale of a property or a Gift with no consideration involved.
  • Transferring a property into a legal entity such as a Corporation or LLC.
  • Transferring title into a Living Trust to avoid probate.
  • Transferring property out of a Living Trust once the trustors/trustees have passed away.
  • Changing a name due to a legal name change or correcting a misspelled name on title.
  • Changing or converting the title vesting (i.e. from tenants in common to joint tenancy).
  • Transferring the property title pursuant to a Divorce.
  • Transferring the property title pursuant to a lawsuit or court order.
  • Transferring the property in order to establish the sole and separate property of a spouse.
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