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Overview of Messenger / Filing Services

My Legal Depot provides filing services for all legal documents that need to be filed with the County Recorder Offices County Clerk Office, and Secretary of State Office located in the state of California, Nevada and Arizona (service coverage spans across all counties within CA, NV & AZ). We offer the fastest turnaround with highly experienced staff. Before we attempt to file your documents, one of our specialists will review your document for common errors in order to prevent rejections. Furthermore, if an error is located we will attempt to correct the errors to prevent costly delays.

Our filing service includes over the counter hand-filing or e-filing (when available). The turnaround time for most filings are 1-3 business days. Our filing services are ideal for attorneys, legal professionals, or the general public. If you require filing service for your legal documents, please contact us at 1-800-820-2144.

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